Since 2005, I have been supporting youth (ages 16+), adults, parents and couples with many of the life challenges that can occur during various life stages. The types of challenges that I work with include:

  •  Experiences with depression
  •  Feelings of being lost or stuck
  •  Communication or relationship issues
  •  Working with difficult emotions such as anxiety, anger or grief
  •  Dealing with major life transitions like finishing school, having a baby , divorce, illness or retiring
  •  Substance misuse
  •  Self-harming thoughts or behaviours
  •  Challenges relating to bipolar disorder
  •  Experiences with hearing voices, psychosis or other unusual experiences

If you are having other types of issues that you do not see here, please feel free to be in contact and we can decide if I may be able to support you. I will let you know if the challenges that you experiencing are outside of my practice area.