My Approach

At some point, most people experience life or personal challenges that benefit from having an external supporter to help them work towards a more balanced sense of self and place in the world.  I view my role as collaborator to help you consider new options, responses and to explore more helpful or effective life skills.  I believe that change is possible for everyone, and that there are many different ways forward.

I offer a range of compassionate, evidence-based practices, including Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)-Informed support, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), some Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and other counselling modalities to help tailor the therapeutic process to meet your specific needs. Evidence-based practice means that the therapies offered have been demonstrated to help people experiencing similar challenges. Because humans are unique, we cannot always know the outcome of therapy, however, I strive to offer supports that have been shown through research to be helpful for the issues that you may be experiencing.

When starting counselling or therapy, some people have clear ideas about the areas where they are seeking change while other people do not really know what they want but they just know that they want things to be different. Either way, I am open to starting where you are at using a non-judgmental approach, and we will work together to find strategies for you to move your life forward. Once I begin to understand more about the issues that you are experiencing, we will discuss which therapeutic approach(es) may be most relevant to your situation. This helps to ensure you understand the overall process, and it helps to support you in meeting your goals.  While our work may (or may not) include an exploration of past issues, I believe that looking at what has already happened is most important in the context of how you want to live your life now and in the future.

I also support people experiencing more challenging mental health concerns. I utilize a recovery-based philosophy meaning that I believe that all people can move into a more preferred place in life regardless of diagnosis or whether specific symptoms continue to exist (or not). Life and even our own minds can challenge us at times, and there are many paths that can be explored to help us get to where we want to be.

It is with full respect and honour that I am interested in walking on the path with you. I work with people of all cultural, spiritual, gender, sexual and lifestyle orientations.